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Comedy Night by Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant


"A good laugh is sunshine in the house. It bursts forth from the soul, overflows and bubbles all around."

With many new exciting things lining up at this edition, Megalith, IIT Kharagpur is all set to mark the perfect beginning of the Celebrity Nights for the first time.
Megalith presents "Humour Highway" by popular comedian and writer, Mr. Sorabh Pant, founder of East India Comedy. Known to provide multiple lethal doses of laughter to the crowd with his creative jokes and satirical comments, his ability to pluck jokes out of thin air makes him one of the finest stand-up comedians of India.

Guest Lecture by Mr. V K Jaitly

Mr. V K Jaitly

Mr. V K Jaitly

A motivational speaker and the author of “We Can,we Can”.

Mr. V K Jaitly, Director of C_cube Consultants is an exceptional speaker and is known for his motivational and leadership skills. He is a Retd. Commander at Indian Navy. He is the advisor of India America Today and has also served as advisor and defence consultant to Govt. of India. As a proficient speaker he is apt at conducting training programs that inspire professionals. His trainings are well-known for being informative, interactive, and action oriented. His training programs expose professionals on the latest trends prevalent in the industry. He is the architect of ‘Business Excellence thru People’ for corporates.
Jaitly did his M.Tech in Sat Comm and B.Tech (Honrs) in E & ECE both from IIT Kharagpur and he worked extensively in the area of Web Marketing for his MBA project.
Be there at Kalidas Auditorium, IIT Kharagpur on 24th Feb to learn and get motivated from such an eminent personality.