Join as a Campus Ambassador for Megalith, IIT Kharagpur and be a part of the new and varied experiences that follow!
Grab a unique opportunity to enhance your skills in the fields of publicity, marketing, networking, and maintaining public relations at a national level by acting as the Campus Ambassador for your college.


  1. A Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded on successful completion of CAP(Campus Ambassador program).
  2. Build your communication skills and gain exposure in events promotion, organization and brand management at a national level.
  3. A chance to promote civil engineering at your college by conducting events in collaboration with Megalith.
  4. Privilege to attend workshops free of cost.
  5. Free fare of a train to IIT Kharagpur from your hometown (only for sleeper tickets) for top 10 CA's.
  6. Top 10 CA's will be provided with accommodation free of cost.


  1. Creating brand awareness for Megalith 2017 in and around your campus.
  2. Informing the students in your institute about our events and activities through various means, including social media.
  3. Putting up posters, flexes and any other promotional materials in your college.
  4. Submit photographs of the activities done in your college under CAP.
  5. Ensure maximum participation from your college in workshops and competitions.


  1. More than one CA may be selected from a college depending upon students' strength.
  2. There must be a minimum of 10 participants participating in our offline events from your college.
  3. Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded only on successful completion of CAP i.e. from October 2016 to March 2017.
  4. Megalith will send all the publicity materials to the CAs, but will not be liable for extra cost incurred by the CA. You may arrange for that by talking to your head of department or college civil association.
  5. All grievances should be taken up with the core team of Megalith 2017 and not with the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Kharagpur or IIT Kharagpur itself.